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  • Melbourne, Australia

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    The capital of Victoria and home to 4.5 million, Melbourne is a vibrant and fascinating city. Melbourne has a rich, gentrified history, reflected in its grand architecture, immaculate parks and gardens and cohesive roads and public spaces. Unlike Sydney, Melbourne was planned. Founders John Batman, Robert Hoddle and (Governor) Richard Bourke were men of exceptional vision and dedication; the Melbourne city grid, arterial roads and superior public transportation network are part of what makes Melbourne the most liveable city in the world.

  • Melbourne, Australia

    Melbourne has a highly-diversified economy and is Australia's second-largest industrial centre. Though the 'gold rush' made Melbourne 'Marvellous' in the 1800s, 20th Century immigration and accelerating investment since the mid-90s has made the city what it is today. Melbourne is now the fastest-growing capital in Australia.

    There's something special about Melbourne. Though its climate is wildly unpredictable, the charm of the city is undeniable no matter the season.

    No trip to Melbourne is complete without a day spent shopping, dining and walking some of the city's hidden laneways. Coffee in hand, there's so much to see without spending a penny. A walk along the Yarra River or to the Royal Botanic Gardens is magic on a sunny day. A visit to Federation Square, the State Library and Melbourne Central Shopping Centre is another must.

    Melbourne is a city of precincts, though the city's eclectic, assymmetric architecture sometimes makes it impossible to know where they begin and end. In recent years, Docklands has opened up, bringing Melbourne to the bay. Only recently, Emporium Melbourne has opened, and is the new heart of fashion in the city. Other attractions include the Melbourne Aquarium, the Melbourne Museum and Imax (adjacent) and Southbank.